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Factors to consider when buying outdoor furniture for hotels.

When you are looking for outdoor furniture for your house or for your hotel project, it is very important to take some considerations into account.

    • Advantages of buying outdoor furniture from Spain?

      – Quality of materials used .

       Above all, you have to check that the materials used in its production are of high quality.

      Patio furniture for contract projects such as hotels or restaurants with intensive use have to be resistant because many people will continuously use the furniture, hence the importance of using high-quality and resistant materials such as aluminum or high-quality waterproof fabrics.

       All materials used must be UV resistant. Be sure that all aluminium frames, ropes and fabrics used are UV resistant and fabrics waterproof too.

      – Maintenance of your outdoor furniture .

      In winter if you cannot use your terrace you can protect your furniture in a warehouse or if you don’t have it you can use the waterproof covers. It’s important you put the cushions apart and clean them for the next season.

      To clean the acrylic ropes, synthetic weaving or aluminium from your patio furniture you can use a pressure washer. Before that you can clean the surface if any stains using a damp cloth with mild soap.

      – Prices .

      Hotel and restaurant owners look for the best value for money furniture when they have to buy garden furniture for their projects. That is why at onlycontract we only work with the best outdoor furniture manufacturers, small or medium factories, family-run businesses. We know how important the price is in a hotel project and we choose the best factories with cost-effective furniture but high quality and experience in contract.

      You can have an idea about our prices in this example, click here.

      – Why to buy Outdoor furniture from Spain ? .

      Spain is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and most are attracted by the good hotel offer and the good weather, plenty of sun and beaches. For this reason it is easy to find suppliers in Spain producing  high quality furniture for hotel projects. Especially in the Valencia region, whose furniture manufacturing tradition is over a hundred years old.

      A big point to consider is the short delivey time when you buy furniture from Spain and also the possibility of  getting the EUR1, essential with countries like Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Turkey and many others to avoid high taxes for imported products from Asia.


      Our factories are small and medium sized, family-run business very flexible, and able to produce bespoke furniture, mostly if you are looking for hotel bedroom furniture.

      • Is all this outdoor furniture made in Spain?

      Our factory for the frames is located in the Southeast of Asia where most of the factories are located.

      In our factory we do all the cushions, table tops, glasses and other finishings.