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Office furniture Made in Spain. We support our industries selecting the best quality office chairs, for your office or home. We have a selection of ergonomic and comfortable office chairs and sofas.

We know how price is important to invest in your office, that is the reason we prefer to have a compact selection of furniture but accomplishing the higher standards of quality at the most competitive price.  

High Quality

Our office chairs are manufactured according to the most strict regulations in terms of quality and respect of the environmental requirements.  

As a different factor from other competitor brands, we prioritize Quality and an European production as our main assets.  

We work according to the standards established in the regulation 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015. We apply quality control and improvement procedures to all our areas of work. Basic materials are chosen and supervised to guarantee their quality and all suppliers are periodically evaluated.

Committed with the environment

We have adapted and are still continuing to adapt processes to make our chairs and their manufacture as sustainable as possible. We comply with the demanding and necessary standards set for the ISO 14006:2011 certification (Environmental management systems – Guidelines for incorporating ecodesign).

We always design by and for the users in order to improve their experience and respect their contributions. This is the reason why our products are installed in many countries thanks to specialized retailers, interior designers and architects who trust in us.

You have to be sure that your office chairs must offer you the necessary comfort and ergonomics that will make your work pleasant and efficient, avoiding and preventing common issues such as back pain.

Very important to know that most of our models have many different options to customize your perfect and stylish office chair.  

You can change the armrest, the base in different materials, or fabrics. Plenty of options that will suit your taste.

To get high-end furniture we only use high-end finishes that will last longtime.

Our office chairs will suit in any decoration style, from stylish to the most contemporary. 

We have the right choice for your project and for every space like waiting areas, conference rooms or executive offices and schools.

Check here our selection of sofas to find the right one for your lobby or rest area. 

If you also need office lighting see our selection for contemporary office lamps here.