08/10/2019 06:09
In this new project the customer selected the metal collection with tables, chairs and stools to renovate the restaurant. With this refurbishment the restaurant has now an industrial and vintage look.  
13/01/2019 12:13
The total tourism in Morocco has raised up to 8.5 per cent in 2018 compared with the same period last year with a total of 11.5 million tourists. With this figures is normal to think that the hotel construction in the country will increase accordingly. This is a good oportunity for construction...
16/12/2018 00:00
More and more hotel clients choose boutique hotels against the big luxury hotels.  The reason is that more and more interaction with the local culture is sought and this is more achieved in small hotels called boutique hotels. Both the furniture and decoration of these hotels are often...
17/08/2016 00:00
There are 183 hotel projects and 54,000 hotels in the UAE pipeline, according to a new report. The hotel construction report by TOPHOTELPROJECTS revealed that the majority of the new hotels are expected to open before 2020. The busiest years for hotel opening are predicted to be 2017 and 2018 with...
03/07/2016 00:00
Cuba welcomes first American hotel chain in half a century as luxury resort opens in Havana. Starwood Hotels is the first US resort to open in Cuba since the revolution. The new Cuba Four Points by Sheraton will cost from $246 (£183) per night Located in Havana it follows President Obama's...
27/06/2016 00:00
It is estimated a total of 26 additional hotels, above and beyond what is currently planned, will be needed over the next ten years to meet expected tourism demand in our major tourist centres, according to new independent research released recently. The research is a key part of “Project...
23/05/2016 00:00
Tourism in Mexico is booming - at least in the popular coastal regions, just on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea the number of reservations continues to grow - and thus the number of new resorts. Currently in Mexico more than 70 new luxury hotels are being built. This indicates...
15/09/2013 23:40
Location: ALMANSA (Albacete) Spain Design: Francesc Rife
25/01/2011 15:37
20/02/2008 00:00
Our last project in Greece. Our customer wanted to renovate the piano bar with retro but contemporary chairs.