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Hotel Furniture from Spain

If you are an hotel owner, contractor, or purchasing company looking for a best offer for your project you are in the right place.

You don’t need to contact different companies to supply all your hotel furniture needs. is your partner and your only company for your FF&E.

We are not distributors, we are not intermediaries, we just work as an extension of the companies that we have selected because of their design, quality and contract experience furnishing hotels around the world.

The companies we work with are small or medium size family-run businesses. We love the personal attention to our customers and to be flexible and customize everything they need.

As per our experience we know that it is easy working with medium size companies with good quality and able to satisfy what the customers are looking for.

In contract projects we know that is ver important the delivery time, the quality of the goods and how flexible the factories must be to attend the customer expectations.

The advantage of buying the furniture for hotels from Spain is that you will be able to get the Certificate of Origin from Spain, the EUR 1 which in many countries will be important to reduce your taxes.

Do you want an alternative to your furniture hotel ? Here you will find it.

We want to offer the best selection of hotel furniture from Spain. We have selected a small group of companies specialized in contract furniture.

From design furniture to Vintage style or classical and luxury furniture for your hotel or palace. We have high quality and lighting for your project.

We want to offer only quality contract furniture, durable at the right cost.

Are you working in a project and do you need a reliable partner to supply you all furniture at the most cost-effective price?

Send us your requirements and we will give you the best quotation.

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